About Me

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darling [ˈdɑːlɪŋ]

n  1. a person very much loved.

My name is Hayden.  I’m a 23 year old girl living in upstate NY, navigating life one day at time.  I was lucky enough to be born into a family rooted in music and art – roots I have and always will stay close to.  My life is filled with many different things….I’m a harmony obsessed vocalist in two different groups at the moment.  I work at a little juice bar and yoga studio blooming in my home town.  I’m also a tattooer in my part time hours.  I’m a lot of stuff I guess….An anxiety ridden, but determined new song writer/collaborator.   A chronic doodler.  A foodie.  A yoga lover.  A world explorer.  A big sister.  A goofball.

I love people.  I love listening to people speak and sing and pray.  I’m obsessed with my dog.  I value honesty, perceptiveness, and I think kindness is sexy.  I have a pretty bad mouth at times but I love God.  I think you can cuss and still love (and be loved by) God.  I’m a feminist and a body positive person.  My parents and sister are my best and closest friends.  I’m a liberal, sometimes a bit of a hippie.  I have a pretty serious addiction to all types of popcorn.  My favorite smell is campfire.  My favorite color changes daily.  I like hiking and being outdoors.  I’m a tumblr addict.  I like the idea of being a good cook.  One time I high-fived Jimmy Fallon.  (I hope I’m painting an okay picture of myself here…did I mention I’m a notorious list maker?)

I have a pretty piece of paper that says I have a Bachelors of Science in Studio Arts.  Sometimes I look at it and cry a little.   My love of art flourished in a semester in Florence, Italy, but so did my hunger for everything else.  Music, art, food, people.  I kept a blog of my time in Europe that felt like magic to me – necessary in every way so I wouldn’t forget what I’d experienced and I’d always remember to explore.  Oh Darling Heart is my continued grown up effort at exploring my life.  I like to think I’m squeezing the juice out of everything and sharing it here.

Darling Heart,” is a term of endearment my grandmother has used since as long as I can remember.  In letters, in emails, in sing-song.  In every proud moment, in every soft word of encouragement, love, forgiveness.  And it is used for each of her children and grandchildren in a way that promises a forever kind of love.  It’s no wonder I’ve grown so attached to it.  I’m not a prolific writer, and I’m certainly not a master of any of my trades…..but if I could choose to be a master at anything, it’d be loving and living the way she does.  With gumption.

“Ask her what she craved, and she’d get a little frantic about things like books, the woods, music. Plants and the seasons. Also freedom.”

– Nightwoods – Charles Frazier

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